The power of Intention can bring us wellness and peace.

The Art of Being Peaceful - Teaching Artist

One Hour Classes


Children enjoy learning how to calm themselves and develop mental clarity with mindful breathing techniques.  They also can set their intention for peace and honor it with their name on a colorful post-it on the Intention Peace board. 

Multi-week Curricula


The Peace Buddies after-school program empowers youngsters to be self-aware, compassionate and peaceful. Each session includes mindful breathing, qi gong, and reflective journaling. Programs can be customized to meet the needs of the group. 

Founder of Intention Peace - Autumn Francesca


Autumn Francesca 

Promoting Peace and the Arts

Autumn Francesca grew up in New York City and has volunteered with organizations serving young people for over 20 years.  She believes in finding peace through creative self-expression, nonviolent communication, intention, and community.   She currently resides in Rhode Island and teaches mindfulness to youngsters as an instructor with the Center for Resilience.


Intention Peace debuted at the 2016 Providence Folk Festival as a suggestion from the festival’s producer, John Fuzek, “… to promote peace.”  Intention Peace promotes utilizing the power of our intentions to bring us wellness and peace. Intention Peace activities can be found at school facilities, music festivals and other community events throughout Rhode Island. 

Prior to living in Rhode Island, Autumn helped launch the first annual showcase event for Arts Corps in Seattle, which provides free art education to inner city children. The art varied from spoken word, to visual arts and music from Brazil and Africa. Thousands of children have been served by Arts Corps since its inception back in 2000. Arts Corps inspired Autumn to pursue a teaching career so that she could connect with youngsters and role model compassion and peace. She taught math and technology in the Lake Stevens, WA school district before moving to Rhode Island. 

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Intention Peace