The power of Intention can bring us wellness and peace.

Peace Scholar Curriculum

Peace Scholar Curriculum Overview


Intention Peace offers after-school and in-school programs to empower youngsters to practice and role model the art of being peaceful.  The Peace Scholar Curriculum includes three levels of practice to accommodate varied age groups and availability of time and commitment. We are sowing the seeds of peace by teaching our children how to be mindful of emotions and needs while developing empathy, compassion and self-confidence.

Lesson topics include:

• Self-confidence

• Values and Needs

• Emotions

• Empathy and Inclusion

• Gratitude and Kindness

• Nonviolent Communication

• Peaceful Community

Activities include:

• Mindful breathing to calm and focus the mind

• Visualization to develop the creative mind

• Movement to bring energy, strength and balance

• Reflective written/artistic expression to self sooth and gain insight

• Circle-up sharing to develop sense of community

• Role playing empathy and conflict resolution

Each week will begin with a brief exercise of movement and mindful breathing and then end with a written reflection.  Bells or chimes will be used to transition. 


• Room to accommodate circular seating for all students is required. 

• Skill building practices are presented to parents on the first day.  Students are requested to practice daily a different skill each week.

Peace Buddy and Peace Coach Programs


The mission of the Peace Buddy program is to empower youngsters to practice and role model how to be nonviolent and inclusive.  

The mission of the Peace Coach program is to empower Peace Buddies to also reconcile conflicts with friends. 

Peace Ambassador Program


The mission of the Peace Ambassador program is to empower Peace Coaches to also reconcile conflicts with adversaries. Additional activities include: 


· Creative problem solving towards reconciliation 

· Role playing challenging scenarios that reconcile conflict

· Crafting detailed intentions to mindfully experience future events

To schedule a program or an event, please email your request. Thank you!

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